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Below you will find a more detailed description of each service offered.
Want to walk your dog, but can't seem to find the time?  Or perhaps you no longer have the mobility to do it yourself? That's why this is a great option for many pet owners!  Choose between a 30 or 60 minute walk for your pooch.  Either one will leave your beloved doggie feeling refreshed, happy and content.  Any pet waste needing to be disposed of will be gladly taken care of provided the proper tools are left to do so.
Lets face it, our world has become quite the busy place. Between work, family and friend obligations, finding time for your pet can be a challenge.  These types of visits are designed for folks going out of town or who are simply too busy to make it home in a timely fashion.  Choose between a 30 or 60 minute visit.  Your pet will be fed, watered, let out for a potty break, waste disposed of (provided the proper tools are left to do so), played with and given ample 'hang time' for them to feel special and attended to. 
One 'Overnight Stay' is considered 24 hours
From the time you have the pet sitter arrive, until the same time the following day.  This is a great deal since many other pet sitters charge an overnight stay as being from 9pm to 6am.
At Relaxed Paws, 'Overnight Stays' are tailored for the animal and human alike! Sometimes it's difficult to bare the thought of leaving your beloved animal home alone while you're away on your travels.  The simple 'Home Visit' doesn't quite leave you feeling comfortable that your pet won't feel abandoned when no one is with them at night.  If that's the case, this setup is ideal!  Your pet has the luxury of having someone home w/ them for an extended period of time and a snuggle buddy at night.  Your pet will be fed, watered, let out, waste disposed of (provided the proper tools are left to do so), played with and loved on!  In addition, if needed, your mail will be picked up, newspaper brought in, trash taken out, lights turned on and plants watered.
The sitter may need to be away for several hours or to run errands from time to time just as if the owner living in the home would need to do, but rest assured the care given is in depth and personal.  Your pet will no doubt feel special knowing someone is home with them and that they'll have someone warm to cuddle with at night.
*Please keep in mind that if you choose to be gone less than the full 24 hours, but the sitter is sleeping over, it is still considered an 'Overnight Stay'.  If the home/pet owner is away longer than 24 hours and care is still needed over the 24 hour period until you arrive back home, the rate will be prorated.
At Relaxed Paws, no matter what service you choose, if you wish to receive an update in the form of a text message or picture message regarding your pet, that service is complimentary!  Not all owners wish to receive text messages as they may be away on business.  Simply indicate you'd like this complimentary service and a daily message will be happily sent!